MARIXThe exceptional retread

Millions of kilometres in testing that guide Marangoni’s technological development

Retreading technology is constantly evolving.

Marix products are the result of important manufacturing processes put in place several years ago that have reached levels of efficiency that would once have been unimaginable:
the fruit of Marangoni research, the development of innovative retreading technology focused on moulding and the formulation of high-performance compounds.


Manufactured at the high-tech Rovereto plant

We have the technology needed to match the performance of new tyres. The result of scientific research, technological investment and careful casing management, Marix represents the most advanced system of retreads on the market.

Tireless research in the field of compounds has led to the development of products with even higher performance: low rolling resistance, less wear, better grip.
In practical terms, the result is lower fuel consumption, higher mileage and maximum road holding.


Truck tyres retreading process

From our archives, the video below shows and explain how truck tyres are retreaded: