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New Marix MD Extra

29 April 2011
Passenger comfort and safety. Transport company books balanced. Respect for the environment. Quality guaranteed by over half a century of experience.
Balancing the books without compromising on the fundamentals of passenger and personnel safety is one of the challenges that all businesses dealing with passenger transport and operating fleets of coaches need to face, especially in these hard economic times. One excellent way to meet these demands is to fit good retreaded tyres such as the new Marix MD Extra. On coaches that travel intercity routes, cost savings of around 40% can be acheived when compared to similar new tyres – all without losing out in terms of quality.

Made specifically for the drive wheels of intercity coaches, Marix MD Extra is a universal 295/80 R22.5 drive tyre that guarantees maximum performance all year round and in any weather. A five-groove tread with specific block sculptures and longitudinal channels guarantees maximum grip in all road conditions, good stability, quick and effective water drainage and excellent road hold throughout the tyre’s life. All obviously without neglecting the economic aspects, given that Marix MD Extra ensures very high mileage.


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